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TAC Premium


TAC offers a premium service with some features that is unavailable to the mortals.

These are the current premium features and the pricing. As more features are added the price might increase. A lifetime membership will always have access to all new features.

If you want to purchase premium. Please contact me in Torn by chat or message. You can send payment while I'm online, or set up a trade. I prefer cash, but can also accept other liquid forms of payment such as DP, xanax, plushies/flower, select stocks, points and so on


Feature Free Premium
Chain targets

Search TACs database for targets based on their level, rank, rank-based estimate and HP


Store your attacks so you can look at recent history of opponents and results. This will also provide information about the defenders battlestats! Feature is only available when script is running.

Track mugs

If the script is running TAC will attempt to store the amount mugged in your muggings so you can revisit favorites and keep track of mug protection. If you want to use this feature make sure you take a few moments between each attack. TAC is only able to calculate amount mugged if there is a single attack since last time it scanned your profile.

Mug targets

Find targets for mugging with filters for networth, inactivity, level ans rank-based estimates. Your mileage will vary.


Quickly search for Torn users to see their networth. Does not require logging in

Extended Lookup

Lookup will now also provide battlestats estimates for over 100 000 Torn users!

- X
Optimal targets

Get optimal targets for chain and levelling. This is done with TACs expansive database and matching your current battlestats with high-level killable targets. The user is given a slider to tune the targets to preference in case the suggested targets are too easy / too hard.

- X

Premium users are hidden from all suggestion-tables on TAC. They will still be searchable on the lookup and history.

- X


Member type Monthly Lifetime
Personal premium

Locked to a single userID. Not available as a monthly subscription

- 50 M
Small faction

Only available to factions with less than 50 members or less than 750 000 respect. Lifetime pass is negotiable based on size and respect of faction

50 M Negotiable

Access is locked to factionID. All members in the faction will have full access to all features of TAC.

100 M 1.5B