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Frequently asked questions

Why do you need my API-key?

I'm using the key to verify you identity as a Torn player, and as a way to avoid unintended use of this site.

What can you do with my API-key?

Torns API-system is limited to read-only, but anyone with your key can pretty much get every piece of information about your Torn account except obviously password, e-mail and such. For more information see their API-documentation

Okay, but what information are you pulling?

TAC is requesting your profile information including battle stats. This is used to provide suggestions for targets within an achievable range. There is an option provided at log-in that turns off getting battlestats, and then its just getting basic profile information. Your key is safely stored.

If you choose to start the script after logging in, TAC is pulling more extensive information about your profile, including battlestats and your attacks. This information is stored to provide history on this site. Your information is not shared with other users.

Can I find active targets?

TAC tries to avoid suggesting active targets as I dont want to end up on peoples enemy-lists. All suggested targets had at least 2 weeks of inactivity when their userid was scraped. Some players might have returned, and could possibly be shown even if they are active again.

Why is my attacks not being stored?

If you have updated your API-key, please log out and back in again - then stop the script and restart it. If that doesn't work, let me know in the forums or a direct message on Torn.

Hey! You suggested a target that easily killed me??

Unfortunately the battle stats estimate is not bullet-proof. This normally happens when a player has gotten a high rank from networth, and then either lost the money or put them in faction vault or other "hidden" places. As far as I know there is no way of getting around this.

The second option is that either you or the opponent, or perhaps both, are fairly unbalanced. This way you can be "countered" while still having fairly even stats.

Why is my mugs not storing, it just says 0?

As the information is not provided directly from the API it has to be calculated from your stats before and after a single attack. If you do multiple attacks within a time window, there is no way for TAC to know how much is looted from each attack. Hopefully a revision to the API can make this better :)

Why is this site so slow?

The queries to the database can sometimes take a while unfortunately. This is due to multiple search critereas that are used on a fairly large database running on a mediocre server. Please be patient. I'm continously working on speeding this up through various means.

Can you add more filters?

Yes, but every new filter makes the queries to the database slower. I've selected the ones I think are the most useful. Please send me a message or post on the forum if you want more filters, and we can see if it's a popular demand.

How is this possible?

I have created a database of selected data from all Torn users, and with that I'm able to query more information than what is available through advanced search. This information is continually updated about every two weeks.

As far as storing the amount mugged per attack goes, this information is not served by the API directly. The script continously monitors your total amount mugged and if it finds a new attack it will append the amount mugged in the database.

Will the script stop tracking my attacks when I log out or leave the site?

Normally, no. The script will still run in the background, unless you chose to stop it from this site. There are various scenarios that will make the script stop: